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With a passion for Thai massage, fascination with Thailand, with passion,
the idea of opening a Thai massage salon in Gliwice was born. Such a real salon – as in Thailand. The salon in which massages will be performed by qualified masseuses who finished a massage school in Asia. Personally, we went there and chose our masseuses, the best ones arrived. And this is how the first Thai massage salon in Gliwice was created.

Muscle tension

Through massage and specially relaxing treatments, we reduce all muscle tension


We will reduce your pain and discomfort. Thanks to the stretching methods, your spine will gain the correct positioning of vertebrae and spine disks


With the help of original essential oils straight from Thailand, we will wonderfully relax your body and mind


From outside to inside! Massage is one of the oldest and at the same time the most effective methods of stress removal

Relaxation for two

The perfect way to spend time together in an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation.

Seaside microclimate

Thanks to the use of special air filtration in conjunction with graduation tower, you will spend time like a Thai seaside

Experience the Art of Caring

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Experience the Art of Caring

Thai classical massage

The advantages of Thai Massage: has a positive effect on blood and lymph circulation, helps to supply cells with a nutrient, works on the general body, energizes, improves the immune system, maintains and improves the flexibility of muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, maintains proper muscle tone, eliminates numbness and tiredness in the legs, reduces headaches and migraines.

Experience the Art of Caring

Thai foot and leg massage

Traditional Thai massage is based on the principles of reflexology, holistic compression technique affecting the whole body. It is a combination of foot, calf and thigh massage, supporting their functioning and improving the circulation of fluids in the body.

Massage with elements of acupressure, where in addition to the feet are massaged cubes, calves, thighs and toes. The massage is used oil extract of mint, balsam with menthol and camphor and beeswax. It greatly influences the activation of energy flow between the energy channels of the feet with those on the body. If you have a feeling of tired legs, this is the perfect massage for you! It helps to loosen tense muscles, positively affects their action and relaxes amazingly after a whole day! It is recommended for people with a sedentary lifestyle as well as for those who spend most of the day standing or walking.



Experience the Art of Caring

Massage with aromatic oil

Thai massage with aromatic oils is a kind of therapeutic treatment focused on the healing of nerves, support of the immune system and achieving harmony of body and mind. It eliminates pain in the neck, neck and shoulders.

It also improves well-being in the area of the back, hips and legs.

It is a unique relaxing and regenerating treatment. The technique of long, stroking movements is used to relieve the negative effects of stressful situations and to calm the nerves. Delicate music supports a relaxing and calming effect. During body massage, the range of aromatic oils is systematically and thoroughly massaged into the skin, which becomes velvety and smooth. The body after this treatment is warmed up and relaxed.



Experience the Art of Caring

Massage with coconut oil

Thai Massage with Hot Coconut Oil A relaxing massage with the use of warm coconut oil is an extremely aromatic treatment, which is a combination of acupressure technique and the qualities of Ayurvedic massage. In addition, coconut oil provides hydration and skin firming.

It is an exceptionally relaxing and regenerating treatment. The technique of long, stroking movements is used to relieve the negative effects of stressful situations and to calm the nerves. Delicate music supports a relaxing and calming effect. It improves the immune and nervous system. Extremely relaxes and de-stress. Stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system, accelerating the removal of excess water from the body. Coconut oil has many positive properties. It has beneficial effects on our skin, inhibits the appearance of stains on it, moisturizes and smoothes. Coconut oil is a source of natural antioxidants that fight free radicals, slowing down the aging process of the skin, at the same time causing it to become firm and elastic.

Thai massage with coconut oil is recommended for people with an active lifestyle, expecting from the body and mind de-stress massage while skin care. The use of coconut oil on the skin of the whole body perfectly moisturizes and smoothes it, improves its firmness and elasticity. Massage with the use of hot coconut oil is especially recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin.

Experience the Art of Caring

Balinese massage

Balinese massage is a combination of reflexotherapy, yoga elements and acupressure. The deep influence of the therapist’s hands perfectly favors the loosening of strained, strained muscles and harmoniously stimulates the body as well as the mind and soul.

It is so effective because thanks to its intensity it reaches deep into strained, loaded muscles and soothes their spasms. In order to reach the deeper tissue of the muscles, the Balinese massage uses a strong acupuncture pressure on the change with the energetic breaking and scattering of muscle tissue.

It is recommended especially to people who spend many hours in front of a computer suffering from back pain, athletes, migraines and other headaches, as a remedy for insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.

The essence of the Balinese massage is meticulousness and a therapeutic system, whose task is to bring the body and mind into a state of complete harmony, and then into a state of health and well-being, peace and spiritual renewal.
The massage takes place in a similar way to classic massage, but in this case the masseur focuses mainly on the aching spine to eliminate or alleviate the symptoms to a large extent. The massage also has a soothing and relaxing effect. Particularly recommended for people who perform work that places too much strain on the spine.

Experience the Art of Caring

Massage Lomi Lomi

The history of Lomi Lomi’s massage dates back thousands of years when it was performed in ancient Hawaiian temples by shamans known as kahunas. Extremely relaxing, which has many healing properties for the body, spirit and mind.
This massage is very gentle and gentle, which in Hawaii is still jokingly referred to as touching the paw of a happy cat. Lomi Lomi can, however, also be a very strong and dynamic massage – it all depends on the need and desire of the person being massaged.
Hawaiian massage is a relaxing massage, but one must not forget about its great healing value. Lomi Lomi massage affects many levels of human functioning and existence.
Physically – it has healing effects on the body, reduces stress, blockages and tensions, reaches hidden diseases and supports healing.
Emotional – helps to calm down, cut off negative feelings and emotions, calms down and gives solace.
Mentally / mentally – calms thoughts, leads to a state of calm, helps to get rid of negative thinking.

Spiritual / energetic – breaks blocks of patterns, improves and strengthens the flow of energy, helps achieve harmony.

Lomi Lomi massage will provide you with deep relaxation and revitalization, will fill your body and mind with new energy. You will feel a revival and joy.

Experience the Art of Caring


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Balinese Massage
60 min 160zł
90 min 220zł
120 min 270zł
Balinese Massage With Hot Coconut Oil
60 min 190zł
Balinese Massage 4 Hands
60 min 300zł
Thai Massage For Couples
60 min 220zł
120 min 380zł
Balinese Massage For Couples
60 min 300zł
90 min 410zł
Balinese Massage For Couples With Hot Coconut oil
60 min 350zł
Experience the Art of Caring


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