Massages for pregnant women Looking for a beauty

Balinese massage for pregnant women

Full-body massage performed in disposable underwear in side positions and lying on the back. It is a full body massage, although the legs, pelvis and back are mainly massaged. The massage is with the use of oils and balms. Through dynamic modeling of selected parts of the body, the “side effect” of this massage is slimming and back to the old figure. The specially modified oil massage of the whole body combines a relaxing delicacy and balanced therapeutic strength, used extremely precisely, only in places where it is recommended . Soothing mind and body movements are calm and certain – they are designed to loosen the muscles in the most delicate way. Some areas of the body are omitted (around the abdomen, parts of the loins, breasts), while others are massaged partially or at modified angles, which allows for a safe procedure. Other, the most needful remarks in this period, body parts such as the back, legs, head and shoulders receive much more time for thorough massaging. The most important points and lines on the body are massaged in a balanced way, which allows to achieve the beneficial effects that Thai massage is famous for. Action:
– Helps to relieve the muscles and the spine
– Exactly loosens the tendons that are most exposed to strain during pregnancy and early maternity
– It leads into a deep state of relaxation and improves the mood
– It restores the balance of body and mind
-Improves the condition of the skin, especially in the case of problems with cellulite and stretch marks
-Allows you to rest and fill with positive energy

Leg massage for pregnant women

Reflexology – or foot acupressure – involves compressing the right points on the feet. This is a safe method of supporting the fight against many health problems, we wrote about it in a study on it. Due to its effectiveness and gentleness, it is also recommended for pregnant women. Reflexology treatments affect both mother and child. They work relaxation both before and after the solution. They reduce the level of stress and anxiety that can be particularly serious at this time. Alleviation of their symptoms will also help to reduce discomfort associated with other – often occurring in this period – ailments. Growing child (and thus belly) press on internal organs, hindering their proper functioning. These afflictions can cause discomfort because the body is trying to cope in a new situation. For this reason he sends various – often contradictory – signals. The answer to the problem may be reflexology, which will help to alleviate or prevent these ailments and help to restore the balance. This massage in our Thai massage salons Khai Thai is performed in a semi-sitting position on very comfortable, comfortable armchairs