Massage Lomi Lomi Looking for a beauty

Lomi Lomi massage in Rybnik

This traditional Hawaiian massage has been getting more and more popular in our country in recent years. It’s still quite late. The world met him in the second half of the twentieth century. His other names include “massage of caring hands” and “massage of loving hands”. These terms give us a certain preview of the experiences that such a procedure can provide for us.

Lomi lomi is a very intense massage. It provides above all a feeling of bliss and relaxation. In the Hawaiian tradition, the body was treated primarily as a temple of the soul. Therefore, if we want to take care of our psychological form, we can not forget about our physicality. For the body, according to the Hawaiians, care and care. Lomi lomi massage is one of the ways to help us.
In Hawaii, lomi lomi symbolizes changes for the better and spiritual transformation. The procedure was a symbolic rite of passage before the beginning of a new stage of life. In some cases it took many hours or even days! Often this ritual was accompanied by dances and songs.
This may sound very encouraging for people who feel they need change. If this ritual once assured the Hawaiians a good start, maybe it will help us in our case?
What effects does the lomi lomi massage guarantee? Primarily:

– stimulation of blood circulation
– promotes digestion and metabolism
– improves skin firmness
– it increases the flexibility of the joints
– reduction of muscle tone
Added to this is relaxation and relaxation. It is therefore a very good option for people who are overworked and under stress.

From now on you can feel the beneficial effects of this amazing massage without going to Hawaii. Just visit our Thai and Balinese massage salon in Rybnik in Silesia 🙂