Legs and feet massage with reflexotherapy Looking for a beauty


Foot massage with reflexology Rybnik, Silesia

The therapeutic massage is a combination of acupressure and Ayurveda, including massage of the soles, back of the foot, toes, ankles, calves, knee area. By acting on reflexology zones, the massage supports detoxifying the body of toxins, improves sleep, removes the feeling of “heavy legs”. It also affects digestive processes, the hormonal system, lymph glands and the central nervous system. To maintain the balance of the body, other parts of the body are also massaged, but definitely shorter. During the massage is used herbal ointment, which supports the natural healing process. In our Thai and Balinese massage salon in Rybnik, it is made on extremely comfortable and comfortable armchairs, and the massaged person stays in the uninhibited movements of clothing (loose shirt and shorts so-called fisherman pants), available in Khai Thai salons.
The masseur uses a hand, fingers and a wooden thick stick to apply various techniques to stimulate the reflex zones on the feet and calves.
Thai foot massage is especially recommended for people exposed to excessive foot strain (eg standing work, some sports, obesity), and also after long-term effort or fatigue of the body for no apparent reason.
Among the many benefits, the most important are:
– detoxifying the body from toxins
– relieving the feeling of so-called heavy legs
– improving the quality of sleep and general well-being
-stimulates the action of many internal organs