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Thai classical massage

Thai massage combines acupressure, stretching, reflexology and yoga techniques. It stretches and relaxes muscles, increases the range of motion, improves the flow of energy (body fluids: blood and lymph) and information in the form of impulses. It differs greatly from classic massage or other forms of therapeutic massage educated by Western medicine. It shows rather similarity to manual mobilization techniques, fascia or even manipulative spine and limbs. Thai massage is a holistic, natural method of treatment, having its roots in Ayurveda, yoga, Chinese medicine and local folk medical techniques.
The main purpose of the massage is to restore energy flow and energy balance, which was disturbed due to illness, stress or inappropriate lifestyle. As a holistic operation, it affects both the body and the mind and soul of the massaged one. It improves physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual condition.
Thai massage can be used not only as part of therapy in a specific disease but mainly as a form of relaxation, prevention, increase immunity against diseases or even as a form of general improvement exercises, improving the range of joint movements and muscle strength through stretching which is very intense in this massage.
In the past, Thai massage was reserved only for royal families from the Far East, now available in the Thai massage salon Khai Thai – Rybnik 🙂
Some of the benefits attributed to Thai massage:

– Deep relaxation and relaxation
– Release from tensions and stress
– Improvement of well-being
– Improvement of physical condition, flexibility and flexibility
– Improvement of blood and lymph circulation, better oxygenation and hydration of the whole body
-Laturation of muscles from lactic acid residing after a greater physical effort
-Stimulation of internal organs, resulting in better digestion and more effective absorption of nutrients from foods
– Anti-muscular atrophy
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