Hot Stones Massage Looking for a beauty

Hot stones massage
Hot stone massage is a great way to relax and unwind – especially after long physical exertion and general lack of vital energy. Massaging with stones helps in the fight against cellulite, facilitates the work of the heart and improves well-being. In the human body are placed chakras, or centers of energy, which are connected with each other by energy channels running along the axis of the whole body. The philosophy of hot stone massage is based on the laying of stones in accordance with the course of the energy field, thanks to which the flow of energy through the human body is improved. Hot stones massage is performed with black basalt stones. The stones have a different shape, but their surface is very smooth, which makes it easy to move them on the patient’s skin. Before the treatment, the stones are heated to 50 degrees Celsius in special stone heaters. Hot stone massage is intended primarily for overworked people, because the treatment relaxes tense muscles and joints. Persons in need of deep relaxation and relaxation of the whole body especially benefit from stone therapy, because the massage ritual neutralizes negative energy. Thanks to this, a person regains well-being and mental balance during the procedure. What’s more, the treatment positively affects the whole circulatory and lymphatic system, because hot stone massage facilitates blood supply and reduces its resistance in the arteries, thus facilitating the work of the heart.