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Classic Thai massage for two is characterized by a lively and intense technique that allows to achieve unique physiotherapeutic effects using oriental exercise systems. Sessions of passive yoga start from the beginning of the massage – Thai masseuses relax our entire body by stretching and massaging at the same time. During the treatment, the elbows and knees of masseuses are used, allowing to get the right type of pressure on the whole body. Classic Thai massage is traditionally performed in clothes that soothe the friction and allow to obtain a therapeutic effect for muscles without the use of oil.
Balinese massage is an oriental massage performed with the use of aromatherapy oils, prepared on the basis of unique fragrance notes. From Thai massage technically differs using a different type of pressure. The use of aromatic oils in the massage naturally makes the movements slower and the pressure is more delicate and precise. This results in a unique combination of strength and gentleness that results in a feeling of peace and relaxation. Balinese massage allows you to relax the whole body when the masseuse massages the back, head, hands and feet. The offer of massages for two also includes all types of massage available in the Khai Thai network. Couples can choose from a wide range of massages that you can find in our offer, min. massage with hot coconut oil, sports massage, hot stone massage. It can be bought in the form of a gift voucher, as a gift for a wedding, anniversaries, birthdays and many other occasions